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Who Are We?

We are a team of people who thrive on creating interesting collections of data and content and making it available to like-minded individuals. Combining DomainTools' extensive WHOIS database with website screenshots, we produce a rich, interactive view of a website's history. The screenshots also serve the thumbnails on DomainTools' leading WHOIS lookup products.

Why Are We Different?

We have over 250 Million current and historic images of websites. When our systems notice a significant change on a website home page, we take a snapshot and archive it for later reference. Our technique is different than most archive services that only capture the web page code and often miss external resources like ads and images. The screenshot you see on our site is exactly what a visitor would see when they came to the site.

Why Use Us?

Browse through sites to see how they look "now" compared to how they looked "then". Discover details we've uncovered using the DomainTools API, including when the website's domain was first registered, how many times ownership changed, and which websites are similar. Browse through similar named sites to compare and contrast images and site layouts. Tell us how you find Screenshots.com useful, email support at screenshots.com.